Monday, October 13, 2008

Hate Speech

Recently, I have had two friends who had placed "Yes on Prop 8" stickers on their cars receive surprisingly caustic messages from anonymous (of course) people. The first one had a swastica drawn on his license plate frame with permanent marker. The second received a note on her windshield comparing her to a Nazi and telling her to not start another holocaust.

Are you serious?

Have you noticed how Prop 8 supporters have been villified in this way by those who oppose Prop 8? Arguments supporting Prop 8 has been called hate speech; those who support Prop 8 have been called bigots (see the first comment to the Blankenhorn article, linked on the right side of this blog); and now, for standing up for what has been one of the core values in ALL societies in this earth's history, they are being called 'Nazis' and their political movement is being compared to the most horrific event in modern history.

I would submit to you that the hate speech is coming not from the group of people who defend traditional marriage, but from the other side. In using this kind of speech, Prop 8 opponents attempt to evoke strong emotions such as fear and paranoia among voters who don't know the issues. I have never seen an argument for Prop 8 that uses this kind of speech. Instead, I have heard people expressing their firm beliefs, their values, and their faith-based and reason-based arguments about why Prop 8 is necessary for our future.

I would further submit that, as it has been in the past (including in World War II, where we defeated the Nazis), the evils of the future will be most effectively combated by the healthy and strong individuals whose upbringing has been the kind that every child deserves: where the biological father and mother are married and contribute lovingly to the child's upbringing. I have a conviction that the family (the traditional family) is the most important force for good in our society. I know that our future well-being is dependent upon the defense we make now, when it is in its worst danger.


Chino Blanco said...

You seek to rob a minority of its rights and now you're shocked at the response.

What else is new?

Certainly, your feigned outraged is not.

We've seen it all before.

Bigot. Yawn.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The law in California already provides marriage-related benefits to be given to civil unions and domestic partnerships.

So why is there a need to force everyone to except this lifestyle?

Andy said...

Thanks for your comment Chino. While it's clear that you have strong feelings about the issue, I think that your comment, more than anything, demonstrates what I've written about in my post. My post doesn't contain outrage, real or feigned - I simply point out that there is a big difference in the demeanor of the arguments presented by the two sides. Your comment, however, resorts to name calling, inflammatory language, and the closest you get to addressing any issues is the vague reference to "robbing" someone of rights. As I posted, this language is designed to create paranoia and fear in those who don't understand the issues.

Tara and Bob said...

Wow that is so sad and unfortunate that people would go to drastic measures because of a bumper sticker!! I have a bumper sticker and I was going to put it on my car but am now reconsidering because of this.

We all have our freedom of speech!

Anonymous said...

I think it's ridiculous that people also have been stealing "vote YES on Prop 8" yard signs. I don't go around stealing the oppositions signs and defacing their property; we can disagree withour resorting to vandalism and theft. Or name calling.

Lisa said...

Don't reconsider Tara, stand up for what you believe in.
While this stuff is happening I know many people who have the bumper stickers on there cars and nothing has happened to them. Our bishop also assured us that the church has lawyers on hand to protect us if we need it.
It only makes the other party look bad anyways.