Friday, October 17, 2008

A letter by D.Lew of Laguna Beach

I read this article from the oc register today and it really spoke to me. I think the author really explained the YES on Prop 8 view very well. One of these days I really need to write a post of my own but when people speak it so well it's like i don't need to!

This is by D. Lew of Laguna Beach:

"I believe in human rights. I believe in civil liberty. I believe that no government or law of man has the right to compel anyone or any entity to perform any act or service contrary to his own beliefs as long as his beliefs does not constitute harm to others. This is the reason why I will vote yes on Prop. 8.

Prop. 8 will reaffirm the voice of the people in California that marriage is between a man and a woman. And those four activist judges in San Francisco cannot and should not be the voice of the populous overwhelmingly passed what was then Prop. 22 in the year 2000. Preserving the definition of traditional marriage is important for California and good for our society.

I am not prejudice. I respect individual rights and the freedom of choice. I have neighbors who are gay. They are good and decent people. I respect their rights to choose. I accept them as what they are. I don't impose my values on them and they don't impose their values on me. But if Prop. 8 does not pass, the law will demand their values be imposed on me. All businesses, all entities and all of us will be compelled by law to treat all marriages without distinction. The schools in California will be compelled to teach children and that children must accept that same-sex marriage is the same as traditional marriage. Any child does not accept all marriages are same would be construed as breaking the law. Churches will be forced to perform same-sex marriages even if that is contrary to the church's position. Churches would not be able to use their doctrinal beliefs to defend their positions.

The opponents viewed this as another scare tactic. I wish this is only a scare tactic but it is the truth. It is happening in states such as Massachusetts where same-sex marriage is legalized. Passing of Prop. 8 will protect individual liberty, protect our schools from mandatory teaching same-sex marriage to our children and protect our churches from performing marriages contrary to their doctrine."

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