Monday, October 20, 2008

Boycott School Tomorrow

There is an organized movement by many parents in California tomorrow to keep their kids home from school to protest the California Teachers' Association involvement in the anti-Prop 8 campaign. This is a really effective way to tell the teachers and schools that you don't support them in their efforts to indoctrinate your children with homosexuality. Ironically, that 1.25 million dollar contribution from teachers is probably going to pay for TV adds that call Prop 8 supporters' claims that children will taught homosexuality in schools "lies" and "scare tactics".

Many parents are choosing to fight back against the CTA for
donating over $1.25 million to the No on 8 campaign by excusing their
children from school tomorrow, October 21st. If you feel it is
appropriate, tell the school administrator that you will spend the day
teaching your child about the political process, democracy, and how
citizens standing up together can make a substantial difference in our
State’s governance against organizations like the CTA who try to
impose homosexuality upon the school system. Also, please donate
$35, $50, or $100 on that day to with the letters
“CTA” in the referral box – to send a clear message that the harder
the CTA pushes the harder they fall. Spread the word around to other
families in California! We have less than 24 hours to get the word
out. Go, go go!

Similarly, if you are a teacher, go to
to find out how to get a refund for your portion of the union dues
spent towards supporting No on 8. (if 3,333 teachers do this, it will
make the CTA donation completely null and void!)


Lisa Webb said...

Amazing, really this is a horrible decision by the CTA on so many levels. I have so much to say I think I need to write my own blog post about it.

Good work fellow contributors! Yes on prop 8!

Anonymous said...

I kept my child home today for the boycott. Let's pray it passes.

beetlebabee said...

Holly, if you can see if you can make it over to the Beetle Blogger page to report your day with the others. It's nice to see what other groups were doing today! Peaceful Protest and One lady made a donation to counter the opposition. Cool stuff. It's kind of like we're all family. Ok, I hear music when I say that. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

My child goes to school. I'm GLAD the CTA has decided to protect the rights of my child. I'm not only sending my kid to school, I'm sending a thank you note along with her.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that even your own movement is disavowing this boycott. Even they are opposed to some of the extremism on your side.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great post! If you know to stop at a red light, you’d agree it’s unreasonable to say to your child would you like an apple or an apple when you’re holding up 1 apple and 1 banana!!

For a changing society, we need NEW TERMS to describe the types of relationships people have the free choice to form – not new laws that will put us all in speech & religious bondage.

Vote not with emotion but with reason; get the facts:,, and Let's you , me, and our same-sex friends unite to vote Yes! on Prop. 8.

Anonymous said...

Be sure not to write your student a note excusing his/her absence. True civil disobedience requires the protestor to accept the consequences--a truant from school is sure to result in a detention, a Saturday school, etc. If you write a note excusing the absence, you're not protesting.

P.S. Who would Jesus hate?

Anonymous said...

The ONLY sensible thing to do is vote NO on this horrible, anti-gay option. My marriage to my lovely wife does not affect anyone else, and the yes sheeple need to realize that jimmy dobdork and his little gulag has taken you for a ride, with his outright and blatant LIES about us, esp the ones where he claims we want to marry children or farm animals. It sounds as if Yes people want to go back to 'separate but (un)equal'.

NO on Prop. 8. When you allow your kids to skip school you are BREAKING THE LAW. Realize that. Work for Marriage Equality for ALL.

Lizzy said...

I believe everyone in our country deserves civil rights. Like racism, teaching your children that people who are different are in anyway "wrong" or "sinful" is just a way of teaching your children to hate.

Kim Nunley said...

With November 4th around the corner, we’ve been bombarded with an overwhelming number of campaign ads. While they are annoying, I feel the need to follow in their footsteps and speak up so that you can make a more educated decision when you head to the polls.

I am gay and have been with my wife for 8 years. We made personal life commitments to each other in 2007 and then committed to each other legally in 2008 after same-sex marriage was granted by the California Supreme Court.

I think it’s overly dramatic to claim that Proposition 8, which denies same-sex marriage in California, promotes or supports hate towards homosexuals. I really believe that most who are against same-sex marriage simply don’t understand it.

The supporters of Prop 8 use the saying that they’re trying to “Protect Marriage.” It’s not about taking rights away, they affirm, but protecting their own rights. I promise you, we don’t want to take anything away from straight couples who have found love.

My devotion to my wife doesn’t take anything away from the commitment you’ve made to your significant other. It would not weaken or cheapen what you have. Instead, denying same-sex marriage or allocating us a “civil union” cheapens our commitment.

If your beliefs on homosexuality are shaped by the Bible, it should still not influence your vote. I could make arguments about the Bible and how it’s been edited or other “rules” it includes that people are not passionate about. But bottom line, the freedom of religion allows you to believe in the Bible. If you choose to do so, I respect that.

But for America to be what it is, and for YOU to continue to have the freedom to worship who you choose and to believe the written words of the Bible, there has to be liberty. There has to be the allowance of people to be who they are and then expectations to respect each other and their differences. The separation of church and state requires that religious beliefs not be the basis for decisions when it comes to how I live my life as an American. Denying me the ability to marry whom I choose is a violation of my civil rights and it legalizes discrimination.

While it is about legal rights, tax filing, and medical decisions, it’s really about love. Marriage is the ultimate expression of a person’s love for another. Some may use the argument that the institution of marriage has been cheapened by the divorce rate and the “Marry a Millionaire” shows, but I respect and believe in it. I honor the commitment that I made to my wife.

This past week in the San Francisco Chronicle, a 29 year old woman by the name of Myrna Elias was quoted as saying, “A lot of friends had a hard time coming out to their parents and others, and I’m sympathetic to what they went through. But I can still love those persons and still be for Prop 8.”

If you vote yes on Prop 8, you are supporting an idea that ignores my core identity and declaring that my commitment to my wife is deficient. You may not be promoting hate, but I cannot see how you can claim to love me.

I ask you to please respect me and my liberties as an American and vote NO on Proposition 8. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. If you’re interested in discussing the topic further, please feel free to contact me and I would love to do so.

Andy said...


Thanks for your thoughtful and respectful comment. I hope my rebuttal is equally respectful.

Your comment makes the issue very personal. It does so at the sacrifice of some very important principles relating to marriage.

In your comment, you make the statement that classifying your relationship as anything other than marriage would “cheapen your commitment”. Your implicit argument in that statement is that the purpose of marriage is to somehow legitimate the commitment made between two people. This is not true. Marriage is not simply a commitment between two adults, and the commitment between two adults who say they love each other does not require governmental sanction. As a matter of fact, the government is the last person I want to get involved in my marriage or family.

Governments throughout history have RECOGNIZED marriage because of the benefits it gives society – this recognition includes tax breaks and things like that. When marriage is strong, the society is strong, so it makes sense for the government to recognize marriage. The most fundamental benefit society receives from marriage involves the rearing of children (see the link on the sidebar of this blog "LA Times Blankenhorn Article" - I quote from it here:
"Marriage as a human institution is constantly evolving, and many of its features vary across groups and cultures. But there is one constant. In all societies, marriage shapes the rights and obligations of parenthood. Among us humans, the scholars report, marriage is not primarily a license to have sex. Nor is it primarily a license to receive benefits or social recognition. It is primarily a license to have children.").

But that statement you make brings to the front one of the most important reasons we have for voting YES ON 8: by seeking to gain SOCIAL legitimacy through the LEGAL recognition of marriage, the same-gender marriage movement is not seeking to expand the general liberty (something that you refer to in your post) – it is seeking to force society to accept AS RIGHT something that most people do not think is right. Accepting individuals regardless of their behavior is one thing – seeking to force society to change its definition of right and wrong is something quite different. In this way, the same-gender marriage movement seeks to take away the most fundamental liberties in the founding of our country - the liberty to believe what one chooses to believe. Churches in Canada have been banned from preaching that homosexual behavior is wrong. Your post claims that legalizing same-gender marriage is based on the separation of Church and State. Actually, for the reasons I have just outlined, same-gender marriage brings Church and State TOGETHER in conflict – something that is fundamentally contrary to the founding of our country. Furthermore, your comment fallaciously assumes that the separation of Church and State only refers to organized religion – you argue that it would be wrong to enact legislation based on the beliefs of an organized religion, but you don’t demonstrate any hesitancy when it comes to legislating your own belief-system regarding your homosexuality.

For these reasons, your characterization of the controversy over same-gender marriage is improper and misleading. If you’re asking me to make same-gender sexual relationships OK, you’re asking for something I can’t give you. Right and wrong are defined by God. If you’re asking me to respect your human agency to make your own choices in your life, regardless of whether I believe they’re right or wrong, and to grant you the dignity due to you inherently as a human being, then you’ve got it. And I will do that while I continue to stand up against the encroachments of same-gender marriage into the sacred realm of the family.

Anonymous said...

Last night my No on Prop 8 sign was stolen. Last week the anti-Americans stole my Obama sign and I replaced it. I’ll replace the No on Prop 8 one too. Too bad the anti-Americans don’t understand what America is about, things like ALL Americans have equal rights, like freedom of speech and the right to vote. Who is anti-American now Governor Palin?

Jessie said...

See for a review of the LAW -- not mere opinions -- on Prop. 8.