Saturday, October 25, 2008

Don't Discriminate Against Me

I've been a victim of discrimination these past few months. I've been called a bigot, I've been flipped off, sworn at (usually "f-you"), and one stellar individual spit at me as he drove by in his car, (not symbolic spitting, he was really trying to reach me as I stood on the sidewalk). My friends have had eggs thrown at them. Another friend who was campaigning for Prop 8 was assaulted by a couple who yelled obscenities in his face and then started furiously yelling at his 7-year old daughter.

In the starkest living contradiction I have ever seen, one car pulled up to a stop-light where our group was campaigning for Prop 8 by holding up signs on the sidewalk. As soon as they stopped, 3 middle fingers emerged from the car, along with some foul language. The 3 men flipped us off for some time, and then they began chanting "No on hate".

This is a battle between right and wrong. Is it hard for anyone to see which is which?

Those who stand up for Prop 8 are standing up for what is right. We are on the defensive - this fight was brought into our homes, not the other way around. When other people try to enact legislation in a non-democratic way that is designed to undermine our values and our right to believe what we do fervently believe and have every right to believe, we will respond.

We encourage honest and good people to join us and vote YES on PROP 8.


La Catira said...

Keep up the fight! What you're doing is really making a difference, whether it feels like it or not. So many people drove by without doing anything, but you had a positive impact on them. Stay strong and be courageous--you're awesome!

mikelle said...

I am right there with you! When I'm at a rally and people start yelling obscene things I just yell even louder to drown them out. I just can't stand listening to them. And it's so frustrating that they call us "haters" when they are the ones hating on us. It's so hypocritical.

Heather said...

We should be the ones chanting "No on hate - yes on 8". The other thing that we must remember, and it sounds like you do, is that you can't throw mud without getting it on you. We must continue to smile and stick to what we know to be true. I often think to myself how horrible it must be to live with all that pent up anger and hostility inside. The opposition knows, somewhere deep inside, that we are right and they are doing all they can to suppress those thoughts and it comes out in anger towards us. Keep up the good work! I'm going to stand on a corner for the first time Monday night... I'm scared but excited at the same time. YES ON PROP 8!

Left Coaster said...

Not a lot of tolerance from the No on 8r's (rhymes with haters).

Keep working, we are sprinting now!

Anonymous said...

We were spit at too. Gum and everything. My nine year old son had a water bottle hurled at his head from a car going 20 miles an hour. Luckily it missed him.

You know, it's funny, they somehow feel justified, but they're not. The lady who spit at us, I wonder what kind of person she is normally. How did families standing up for families become so controversial?