Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Children WILL be indoctrinated about same-sex marriage

If prop 8 fails on November 4th all Public School Children will be affected. The Opponents of proposition 8 want you to believe that allowing gay marriage will not affect anyone but the individuals practicing it. THAT JUST IS NOT TRUE! Please watch the video below of what is already happening in Massachusetts. A father was jailed for protesting that he had a right to object to same-sex material being taught to HIS KINDERGARTENER! At this age it is too young to be teaching kids about heterosexual behavior let alone homosexual behavior. If anyone is on the fence about the possibility of homosexual marriage being taught in public schools you should know that the CTA (California Teachers Association) is against propostion 8 and has already donated $250,000 to the no on 8 campaign. Follow this link CTA votes no on prop. 8 to read what they said about. It will happen, please look at the long term effects of this bill not passing and what our country will be like in ten years. PLEASE do everything you can to help make family members and friends aware of the main issues at stake here (e.g. losing religious freedom and children being taught same-sex marraige is acceptable)

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Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing this. Parental rights are so important and thats why I'm voting YES!
I want to teach my children about homosexuality. I don't want these topics taught to my children in school. Really don't they have enough to learn! Let's leave these things up to the parents.
YES ON 8!!!